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BEAUTYdepartmentstore has been a leading spa wholesaler in Bangkok of spa and beauty products with more than 16 years of experience in the industry. Today, we are positioning ourselves as “The one-stop shop for professional spa supply and consulting”.


We supply a wide range of products and services including spa equipment, furniture, products and accessories as well as spa construction service, consulting, training and management services. We are among one of the most complete spa wholesaler in Bangkok shipping throughout Thailand and internationally.



As one of the best Spa Wholesaler in Bangkok, we supply both standard and niche OEM products and will customize the sizes and specifications to suit each client’s needs.
Our extensive range of international and premium in-house products ‘SPAonEarth’ are capable of covering all requirements you or your client may need with product experts to train the team.

Aside from products, our services encompass the whole spectrum of concept and interior design of your new spa as well as best practices in day-to-day operations. With our broad knowledge, we know exactly what each client needs to pass all required spa-related regulations, develop a unique and memorable guest service, and how to make your business more profitable.

Spa on Earth

SPAonEARTH by Tassanee was first established and sold in 2003 with a focus on combining health benefits of asian herbs into premium spa products. Our products are crafted with the highest quality of natural organic raw materials in compliance with the highest standards of Food & Drug Administration of Thailand. With this certification, our customers are ensured they have the best products from a certified Spa Wholesaler in Bangkok fit for discerning spa operation and independent therapists around the world.


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